By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Started With An Ordinary Playhouse, What He Ended Up With… WOW.

When his daughter had a very special - and somewhat elaborate- birthday request, this dad didn't hesitate to act. Instead, he gave her just what she wanted: The most epic treehouse of all time.

As it turns out, you don't need a sturdy tree to build a treehouse in your yard, you just have to be willing to get creative with how you build it. Instead of starting from scratch, this builder repurposed a used playhouse and turned it into the treehouse of his daughter's wildest dreams. See how he did it below.

Here's the playhouse the builder used to start with. You can get these used on the Internet all the time. The builder found this specific playhouse on Craigslist.

It's pretty standard, and has a lot of moving parts and usable pieces.

There's also the awesome tube slide.

After he bought it, he pressure washed it and dismantled the entire thing.

He sketched out a plan for the treehouse, but obviously it wasn't quite professional.No matter: This just means that you can definitely do this at home.

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