By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Bought This For $19.99 And Transformed It Into The Best Birthday Gift Ever.

If you had a kitchen set as a kid, you likely remember it well. Mine was made of wood, and had a microwave that really turned off and on. I spent hours playing with my kitchen set, and it may have even been the impetus for my love of cooking.

These parents wanted their son to experience the same kind of kitchen-set joy, but when they searched at the store, none of the mostly-plastic sets really spoke to them. So, they decided to make their own, and their DIY version is far more creative and awesome that mostly anything you could buy off the shelf. See how they did it below.

Here's how it started, as a dated media stand.

It was purchased from Goodwill with an incredibly low price tag: $20.

First, they removed all of the doors to sand the piece.

The piece was thick with varnish, which made sanding it a task. He also added a separator at the bottom.

A hole was cut to add the sink, and then a $4 metal dog bowl was added.

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