By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You’d Never Want To Visit This Croatian National Park… It’s A Bit Too Beautiful.

On April 8th, 1949, the land that surrounds Plitvice Lakes was declared Croatia's first national park. Since then, the country has given seven more parks the title, but none are quite as extraordinary as Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is known for being a geological and hydro-geological phenomena. In fact, the park is so beautiful that it was declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1979.

Let's check out some gorgeous photos from this magical place below.

The park is known for its lakes and waterfalls, which are vibrantly blue and cascade majestically through the mountains. There are waterfalls everywhere in Plitvice, and they empty into a series of 16 mountain lakes.

The lakes are known for their electric blue-green color. This photo was taken without the help of any filters or editing, and it is absolutely stunning.

The park is also known for its travertine barriers, which are deposits of limestone that are found in mineral springs or hot springs. The barriers have been forming over the last 10,000 years.

Plitvice is situated in a part of the world that makes it ideal for natural biodiversity, which means that visitors are able to observe an abundance of flora and fauna throughout the park.

There are also magnificent trails cut through the park at different heights, so that visitors can get spectacular views of all that Plitvice has to offer.

There are also water tours available, for visitors and tourists who wish to capture the beauty of Plitvice from its electric green lakes.

Viewing the park from above is truly stunning, especially when observing the waterfalls. The lakes that supply the waterfalls are the source for River Korana, one of Croatia's largest rivers.

Looking at these amazing photos, it's not difficult to understand why Plitvice is the most visited and popular lake in Croatia. Wouldn't you love to spend a summer day exploring?