By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Use These 5 Lip Plumping Tricks To Make Yourself More Kissable.

Maybe it's simply a new beauty phenomenon, or maybe we really do have Kylie Jenner to thank: Whatever the inspiration, there's no denying that plump, full lips are highly sought after these days, with people going to great lengths to get the look. However, wanting full lips doesn't mean you have to get pricy, risky injections -- especially not when you have a few of these tricks up your sleeve.

In the video below, beauty maven Michelle Phan shows you five different ways to plump your lips, using everything from a toothbrush to a lip scrubber to the spices you have in your kitchen. If you're seeking that particularly pouty mouth, look no further: At least one of these tricks will definitely work for you.

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Source: Michelle Phan