Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Driver's Stroke Of Creativity Helped Her Dodge Parking Ticket.

She Had An Emergency

She Had An Emergency


Jane happened to be taking care of something in front of her own home. She had recently baked a few cakes and other treats to sell at a fundraiser that was being held at a riding club. But something went wrong as she was loading the baked goods and cakes. She dropped everything and left her car. So why did she do that? She knew she shouldn't have done it, but she had no other option.

Stuck In Between

Stuck In Between

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Poor Jane was suddenly struck with an urgent need to evacuate her stomach, and she had no choice but to make a run for it. All she knew right then and there was that she needed a toilet, fast. She knew she had parked in an illegal area, so she had two choices that were just as bad. One is really gross, and the other one is the most, how do we put it...hygienic and clean one!

She Was Losing It

She Was Losing It

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Jane was in such a desperate rush to get to the bathroom that she decided to leave her car as it was, and run inside the house. When she got back, she found the parking ticket. Jane absolutely understood why she got a ticket, but she felt like she didn't really have much of a choice, now did she? So she decided to get creative and write a hilarious letter.

She's A Poet

She's A Poet

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The witty 53-year-old woman got hands on and started to craft the perfect letter. She addressed it to the local police station, the Wiltshire Council's Parking Services, and in it, she proceeded to explain what happened to her in the form of a poem. But that's not all! Her poem actually rhymed and the hilarious epicness of her letter ended up making people laugh all across the world.

She Had To Run

She Had To Run

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Jane's letter read:

“Dear Sir, or to whom it may concern,

A parking fine I did earn

I was parked outside my house on yellow lines

Intending to move and dodge your fines.

But on Sunday, I was loading my car

With food and cakes for a horseshow; not far

Before these events,

I get a nervous tum

For the toilet, I had to run.

And with not a moment to lose

I made it indoors to release my poos!

I couldn’t move until all was done

But when I returned the fine was done.

I thought it better to be discreet

And leave the car parked in the street.

Next time I’ll move and not be a pain,

But if I get caught short, I’ll s*** in the drain.”

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