Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Driver's Stroke Of Creativity Helped Her Dodge Parking Ticket.

Cops Got Back To Her

Cops Got Back To Her

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Jane couldn't believe what happened next. The cops decided to respond in their own way. Not only did they totally understand why Jane did what she did, but they made their message rhyme as well:

"It's difficult to know the truth

And quite often we would ask for proof

But the photographs the officer has taken

Shows that indeed, you had been baking

So on this occasion, we are pleased to say

The council accept your appeal, you do not have to pay."

Getting Away With It

Getting Away With It


Much To Jane's surprise, her swift and hilarious poem helped her get out of a parking fine. She told the BBC that she was simply dumbfounded when she realized she “got out of the fine, even though I was parked in the wrong place.” What's funny is everything took place on the street where she lived. Ironically, the street is named "Butts Road." Let that sink in!

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