By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Restless Baby Polar Bear Is Having A Dream… And It’s Outrageously Cute.

Have you ever seen a baby polar bear dreaming? Well, now you can. This 5-week-old cub is one of four polar bears at the Columbus Zoo. At just a little over 4 pounds and 16 inches long, she is doing very well, according to staff. Her eyes are just beginning to open and has attempted to stand up on all fours. She receives six feedings a day, one every four hours, and the sounds heard here are that of contentment.

We don't see polar bear cubs too often because reproduction among these mammals is a complicated process involving delayed implantation - they have one of the lowest reproductive rates out there - and also because the survival rate of newborns is quite low. The cub seen here is one of the two from mother Aurora's litter; the other did not survive.

See the miracle cub here. You will fall in love:

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Source: Columbuszoomedia