By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Fell Through An Icy Pond… Watch The Dramatic Moment Of His Rescue.

It's a harrowing scene to watch: In the distance, you can see that a large chunk of ice on a frozen lake has broken, and from the freezing cold water, out pops a scared dog's face. He's barking, but clearly unable to save himself: The ice is too weak, his body is likely too cold, and the water is too deep.

Luckily, local firefighters were standing by -- but they had to figure out a way to get to the dog (whose name is Boo) without falling in themselves. Coming up with a creative solution, the firefighters board a canoe and use tools to crack through the ice in their path. Ultimately, this rescue is successful, and Boo's face at the end proves it was all worth it.

Source: Delawareonline Admin