By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Abandoned Puppies Were Rescued From The Sewer, And Their Transformation Is Beautiful.

Hope For Paws is a rescue organization that never stops saving the lives of abandoned, abused, and starving animals. Its latest rescue mission involved two canine siblings that were barely surviving in a sewer. Volunteers worked hard to earn the trust of the poodles. In the initial contact you can hear the puppies actually crying.

After a lot of patience and cuddling, Cola and Pepsi, names given to the animals by rescuers, were ready to be taken to their shelter. After a much deserved shave and bath, the pups got a chance to do something they never did in the sewer, to play and have fun. Wouldn't it be great if Cola and Pepsi were adopted together?

This Golden Retriever was born without eyes, but that does not stop him from helping others.

Source: Hope For Paws