By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Ridiculously Awesome Pool Floats For Adults Who Never Grew Up.

There are a few things that say "summer" better than anything else can: A tall glass of iced tea, a plate full of watermelon, a hammock with your favorite book, and even the smell of sunscreen. But one thing that might surpass them all? The pool float.

It used to be that pool floats were boring and rectangular, massive slices of vinyl pumped full of air with no real character to speak of. Now, it's a whole different ballgame. Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from animals to foods to mythical creatures. Part of us thinks the advent of pool float might have something to do with Instagram -- that unicorn float sure does look good with you on it and the Valencia filter, doesn't it? Then again, people may have just reached a time where they realize that pool floats can be as epic as you want them to be. Check out some of our favorite floats below.

#1. Imagine floating on the water, relaxing the day away on a large, inflatable torso of a hot guy. Yes, that's right: You're living your best life.

#2. And it's not just for the ladies, either. Men can get their own version of this float, a total bikini babe to paddle around on all day long.

#3. One of the most epic floats we've seen is this one, a massive slip-and-slide that also serves as an above-water bouncy house. Epic summer fun like this doesn't come cheap: The float costs $9,000.

#4. These floats promise to do double-duty: You can ride on one, and casually battle your swimming buddy with the other.

#5. This float sure does look comfortable, but that's not it's most appealing trait. Think of all the Instagram photos you could take with this one.

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