By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Clever Ways You Can Use A Pool Noodle (That Don’t Involve Floating.)

Pool noodles are one of those things that seem to pile up in your garage, especially if you have kids. You buy them for the summer, then store them all winter, then inevitably forget about them and buy a few more for the next summer. Additionally, if you've got kids who love to swim, pool noodles wear out really quickly and are no longer useful for splashing around the pool.

Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to upcycle your old pool noodles into something cool. These 17 DIY projects give the pool noodle a new purpose, and they all look super easy to do. Add that to the fact that they're really cheap to buy, and pool noodles are basically a DIY'ers dream come true. #12 is totally genius.

#1. Get crafty with this cool DIY project made out of pool noodles and coffee filters.

#2. Keep your floppy boots upright by inserting lengths of pool noodle into them.

#3. Keep your soda and beer at arm's reach with this pool noodle cooler.

#4. Turn a pool noodle into a door stop so little fingers don't get pinched.

#5. Slide a pool noodle onto a clothes hanger to avoid hanger creases.

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