By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

1000 Inner Tubes Look Even Weirder The More You Zoom Out, And Oddly Nostalgic.

The Mediterranean has an exotic and elegant mystery that one cannot help be drawn into. There are so many things to love, the scenery, the lifestyle and the cool-without-trying vibe. Photographer Gray Malin has taken us back to the glamour days of the 1960’s in the hot and tropical European destination.

To breathe new life into this vintage era, Malin used 1,000 colourful lifesaver tubes against the pristine blue water pools of Le Méridien Ra Beach Resort & Spa in Spain. The series Poolside, Mediterranean is a fun and tempting getaway even if its just through photographs.

One obvious element recurring in all of Malin’s images is the unique beauty of the coveted landscape. Be warned, you may feel a sudden urge to book a vacation or at the very least buy your own life saver tube.

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