By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Weird Café Is Dedicated To Poop, And The Photos Are Disgustingly Funny.

Theme cafes are popping up everywhere in South Korea dedicated to things like cats, chocolate, knitting, and even the Victorian era. The latest one though is probably the most weird, a poop cafe. The shop located in Seoul does not miss any detail to ensure it is living up to its name. The mugs are designed as toilets with the coffee foam designed as, well you guessed it, poop.

Lexi, an American living in the country recently wrote on her blog, Seoul Searching, about her visit to the coffee shop. “If you’re looking for a quirky ‘only in Korea’ kind of place to visit, this should definitely be on your list.”

Despite the theme, “the space has a very casual, relaxed earthy feel to it. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the normality of it all. I suppose I was hoping for more of a shock factor,” says Lexi.

Latte art.

Plushy poops, the customers seem to love wearing them.

Plushy poops, the customers seem to love wearing them.

Something extra in her coffee.

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