Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Design Fails That Are So Bad They Won An Award For Stupidity.

Society today loves to praise good design – whether it be product design, interior design, fashion design, you name it. Aesthetically pleasing designs get all the attention. Designers take great pride and job in their job as they spend endless hours on attention to detail, planning out every little thing as thoroughly as possible. Well apparently not all designers are as thorough as we thought.

We’ve gathered some examples showcasing just how much these particular designers didn’t plan their design all the way through. In all actuality, I believe it’s these designs that should be stealing the spotlight.

#1. I guess they're color coded for a reason.

#2. You're home, go drunk.

#3. Your very own bathtub waterfall.

Your very own bathtub waterfall.

#4. That's just cruel.

That's just cruel.

#5. They clearly didn't plan ahead.

They clearly didn't plan ahead.

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