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20 Positions You’ll Be Laughing About Next Time You Have Sex.

Summer's coming to a close which means that it's getting colder. Fall and winter don't just mean your favorite seasonal lattes, they also mean perfect cuddling weather. And let's face it, cuddling with that special someone can turn you on.

Whether you're just starting out or if you've been in a long term relationship, we have 20 sex positions that you can work with, you know, 'just in case.' We've also included what makes each of them so great. We even have a few positions for the laziest of lovers (check out the spider and afternoon delight below if you fall into this category). If you and your partner are active, try something like the anvil.

As you're browsing through our list, don't forget to prepare the protection (condoms, birth control, for example), the right lubrication, and by also maintaining your personal hygiene.

Let us know which positions have worked well and which ones you'd like to try. Happy cuddling!

#1. Missionary

It might not have the element of surprise but according to several surveys and interviews, missionary position is popular because it feels familiar and intimate. It also allows for optimum eye contact, which helps couples build trust.

While it may seem like the partner on top has all the power, this isn't always so. The bottom partner can direct with their hands and pelvis if they so please.

Another upside to this position is that it helps many women feel comfortable in their own bodies. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, a 25-year-old woman said that it was the most flattering for her body, because her breasts weren't sagging or flying everywhere. 'It isn't just about vanity,' she explained. 'Sometimes it really hurts!'

#2. Cowgirl / Girl on Top

When the girl is on top, she can determine the rhythm. This position also allows for plenty of teasing as you'll have a full view and access to her body.

If the bottom partner brings their legs closer together, it can help stimulate the clitoris because the pelvic muscles improves friction. Don't be afraid to use your hands or introduce a toy such as a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, too.

Some girls prefer to use their own hands, which can be a huge turn-on for their partner below.

Cowgirl / Girl on Top


#3. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is when the woman is straddling in reverse, with her back to her partner. This position allows her to be in full control while flaunting the backside of her body. The partner below will love the view. If you are on the bottom, make it sensual by moving your hands up and down her body as she rides you.

Reverse Cowgirl


#4. Utilize a Pillow

This isn't a position, it's an underused technique. When you place a pillow below your woman during missionary, it brings you closer together. Some partners will place it under her bottom but you should be placing it below her sacrum to get a good angle.

Utilize a Pillow

#5. Doggy Style

A user on reddit described why they liked doggy style so much, 'Because that sh*t is PRIMAL. No other way to describe it for me. That position seems to touch some deeper nerve than others, like an animal memory or something. Just being in that position turns me on, like my body wants to be in it.'

Another added, 'Points awarded when the Mr. grabs my hips while thrusting.'

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Doggy Style

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