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This Dog Adopted A Possum And The Photos Will Make You SQUEE!

A group of baby opossums were left homeless after their mother was attacked by another animal. After the incident, a stranger found the group of babies (whose eyes had yet to open, they were so young) and brought them to Stephanie Maldonado.

Maldonado is a pet behaviorist with connections at a nearby Brazilian wildlife rescue group. Unfortunately, the group had no room to take care of the orphaned animals, so Maldonado took it upon herself to keep them safe. Luckily, she had a bit of help.

This is how little they were when discovered -- their eyes were barely open.

Because of their young age, the baby possums have to be fed every two hours.

Because of their young age, the baby possums have to be fed every two hours.

Stephanie Maldonado

That's when Maldonado's dog stepped in to help.

She cuddled the possums as if they were her own pups.

The doggy TLC is just what the little guys needed to survive and thrive.

"It's very nice to see all the care that she has with them, licking them all the time and nestling them," Maldonado wrote on Facebook.

When the time comes that they are old enough, Maldonado will hopefully return them to the wild. For now, they're content being cared for by their adoptive mom.

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Posted by Stephanie Maldonado Adestramento de Cães on Friday, January 29, 2016

Here's a pack of adorable baby possums eating fruit salad.

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