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By Krista Miranda

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Twitter Page #PossumEveryHour Is Showing A Side Of Possums Many Don't See.

Their Tails Aren't Just For Looks

While possums sure do look cute with their little tails, they actually use it to help them get around! Because they're one of the very few animals with a prehensile tail, they're able to use it as another arm! Even though it is very useful, they can only use it for a short amount of time, so they don't actually sleep hanging upside down like most people believe they do.

They Have Great Grooming Habits

According to The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, "possums, like housecats, use their tongue and paws to groom themselves frequently and thoroughly." Also, because they don't have sweat glands, they don't have any kind of odor, either.

They Don't Actually Have Completely Black Eyes

The menacing eyes of a possum are one of its most distinguishable characteristics, but they're eyes aren't actually black! While they do have whites and irises, their pupils are always extremely dilated so they just appear to have black eyes!

They Have A Mouth Full of Teeth

Possums have to make sure that they clean their teeth quite frequently because they have a whole bunch of them in that mouth of theirs. In fact, a full-grown possum can have up to 50 teeth in their mouth at a time!

They're Really Social Creatures

While most people believe that opossums are skittish and anti-social, they're actually very social creatures. Not only do they like to live in a family-type dynamic, but scientists have found that a male and female in the wild will build a nest together in the hopes of kicking the female into her reproductive state.

Admit it, they're very cute!

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