By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

What This Guy Did With 30,000 Post-It Notes Is Totally Out Of This World.

In 2001, architect Yo Shimada collaborated with students from Kyoto University of Art and Design to create 'Sticky Note Structures', an installation project using over 30,000 sticky notes over the span of 3 days.

Shimada produced ‘cells’ by combining 4 sheets together in a repetitive process. Nothing more was added beyond the notes’ adhesive, but the result was a vivid experience for those who had a chance to see it. The wall-like structure was created and displayed at ARTZONE, an experimental gallery space managed by the university.

Tato Architects, the award-winning firm established by Shimada in 1997, has worked mainly on houses but has also completed a variety of other projects including a café, dental clinic, and meeting place. The official site notes the firm’s mission statement as a means to create architecture that will make the environment more attractive, an expression of love.

Here's what 30,000 sticky notes looks like.

Aerial view of architect Yo Shimada's 'Sticky Note Stuctures' at a gallery in Kyoto.

This bright, fluorescent wall-like structure was made in 3 days.

An incredibly simple idea, and yet we haven't seen anything like it until Shimada executed his project in 2001.

The audience was encouraged to engage in a dialogue with the structure by writing down their impressions on sticky notes and posting them on facing gallery walls.

Detail of the delicate installation.

What's your impression?

Source: Design Boom