By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Graphic Designer Gave Movie Posters An Overhaul… And It Changes The Meaning.

Film executives want to make sure people from all over the world will watch their movie. Actors and directors do press tours to promote their latest work with the hope to entice people into the theatres. It’s not enough to make a great film, you have to seduce audiences into wanting to see it.

One medium to get folks visually attracted are movie posters. Sometimes the poster becomes just as famous as the film itself. Who can forget Jodie Foster’s face with a butterfly on her lips in Silence of the Lambs or the famous profile of a T-rex’s skeleton in Jurassic Park?

These prints know how to capture the feel of the film with the right image, font, and colours. Graphic designer Peter Majarich wanted to re-create famous movie posters using his minimalist style and interpretation of the story in a series called, A Movie Poster A Day.

#1. Based in Sydney, Australia, Majarich has recreated famous film posters like the Godfather. You may remember the infamous horse head scene.

#2. The Truman Show follows the main character's every move without him knowing.

#3. Majarich's goal is to re-create a famous poster everyday in 2016.

#4. It is not clear whether or not Majarich has actually watched every one of the films.

#5. Dustin Hoffman's Oscar winning film Rain Man is day 108 of A Movie Poster A Day.

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