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Remember These Kids From Harry Potter? Look At What They’re Doing Today.

#6. Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom

He might be almost unrecognizable without his boyish chub, but Lewis has been busy. He played Jamie Bradley in the TV series The Syndicate and more recently appeared in the BBC Three comedy Bluestone 42.

Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom

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#7. Freddie Stroma - Cormac McLaggen

After “Harry Potter” ended, he almost immediately starred in the hugely successful “Pitch Perfect” in the United States -- from one franchise to another, this actor is killing it.

Freddie Stroma - Cormac McLaggen

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#8. Luke Youngblood - Lino Jordan

He was the hilarious, tough announcer at all of Harry's Quidditch matches, and now he's moved on to something even cooler. Luke Youngblood guest starred in no less than 15 episodes of the hit NBC series “Community” before it made the shift to internet distribution with Yahoo! in 2015.

Luke Youngblood - Lino Jordan

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#9. Jamie Waylett - Vincent Crabbie

After “Harry Potter,” Jamie Waylett actually has a story that features a not-quite-so-happy ending. In 2012, he actually went to jail after he participated in the England riots in 2011 -- perhaps he calls himself an activist?

Jamie Waylett - Vincent Crabbie

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#10. Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter

You'd think that a role like this would be virtually inescapable, but Radcliffe's talent means that he gets to rise above his signature role. Since the end of the franchise, he's worked on the stage and in several movies, proving that he's not just a one-trick pony.

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter


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