By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

An Adorable Toddler Talks About Poop… And He’s Hilariously Descriptive.

Toilet training is an arduous task. It can be stressful and frustrating for both the teacher, and the student. For boys, teaching them to pee in the toilet is easy. You put some Cheerios in the bowl, and tell them to aim at them... voila! Girls are a bit more difficult, they have to sit for that project.

This mother has obviously used a couple of tricks to get her child to poop in the toilet. It seems her technique has been successful.

In the first video, you will hear the child describing how his diet has affected his business. He not only describes it, but contemplates his eating behavior as well. I love his concern for the plumbing.

LMAO.. In this next video, he classifies his poop as family members!!

I'm still laughing... Maybe they will feed him beets or spinach before his next movement, I would love to hear that description!!

One of my fondest memories of toilet training happened when my son had a little stomach bug and pooped, he came running out of the bathroom to tell me he was leaking oil.

Source: DefinitiveBabySign