By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Funny Photos Of Zookeepers Recreating Scenes From ‘Jurassic World.’ LOL At The Pigeons.

Jurassic World has been a massive hit across the country, and part of the movie's success has to do with the comedic charms of leading man Chris Pratt. In the film, Pratt is forced to calm a group of raptors by asserting his dominance over them. At the time, the raptors don't seem too threatening - but we all know how that turns out.

Now, zookeepers across the country are uploading photos to social media and calling them "Prattkeeping," emulating the actor's technique in the film. With any other creature than dinosaurs, the results are pretty hilarious - especially the guy who "asserted his dominance" over a group of three chickens, all of which seem to remain unbothered. Check out the Prattkeeping pics below.

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