He Was Resurrected From The Dead And Got A Second Chance With His Family.

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On rare occasions things happen that defy logical explanation. Chancey Crandall is chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Florida. He practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. He is also the author of Raising the Dead and editor of Dr Crandall’s Health Report

Although a man of science, Crandall has used prayer at least once in his medical career. On one of his rounds, Crandall answered a ‘code blue,’ a term used to alert the resident physician that a person is dying due to cardiac arrest.

The patient, 53-year-old Jeff Markin was on his way to work when he began to feel ill. By the time he arrived at the hospital he went in to cardiac arrest. The father of two was distant from his family as he was focused on his career.

By the time the cardiologist made it to the emergency room, medical staff had already been trying to resuscitate Markin for 40 minutes. Instead of spending more time on what appeared to be a futile attempt, he instructed the ER doctor to call Markin’s time of death.

What happens next, as recounted both by Markin and Crandall defies explanation.

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