By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Cut Up A Few Pieces Of Foam, And Ended Up With The Scariest Costume Ever.

Predator is probably one of the most terrifying movie characters in existence. He's the kingpin of an extraterrestrial species that hunts humans for sport, and he's got an ensemble that says, "Don't f**k with me."

One man has recreated Predator to a tee, and the results of his months of painstaking work are terrifyingly accurate. Perhaps more eye-opening than the spooky details of the costume, though, was his elaborate process to achieve it. See how he did it below.

First, take a look at the terrifying finished product, which looks extra discomfiting standing in a normal living room.

According to a friend who uploaded the photos: "Each muscle was cut from a 2in. piece of foam then shaped using electric knife and grinder."

"Using a spandex onesie, each piece of foam was glued on then covered with multiple coats of latex."

Here, he tries it on for a test fitting.

Once built, the whole thing was ready for paint.

The paint job is particularly detailed, capturing all the grotesque dark spots of the Predator's skin.

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