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25 Pregnant Women Who Took Halloween Costumes To The Next Level.

There's only a few weeks left before Halloween, which means there's only a few weeks left to come up with a costume idea that'll amaze everyone! Unfortunately, not everyone can just walk into a Halloween store, choose a costume, and be done.

Pregnant women, for example, have to be extra inventive with their costumes as they have to accommodate to their baby bump. Some people might find this a disadvantage, but in all actuality it gives them an opportunity to be even more creative.

If you're pregnant or know someone who is, let them know that they shouldn't be discouraged from dressing up this Halloween! And to muster up some inspiration from the photos we have below!

#1. What's more awesome than dressing up your belly as the Death Star from Star Wars?!

This will be the only time you can do it!

#2. What better pregnant costume than dressing up as a well known pregnant movie character?

Bonus if you can get your baby's daddy to dress up as the Bleeker to your Juno.

#3. Probably the best pregnant Halloween costume ever.

What's more creative than transforming your belly into Mr. Kool Aid breaking a wall?!

#4. Did somebody want a ripe avocado?

I hope half is enough?

#5. Paint your belly white and become the shell holding your precious pearl.

It's not a costume you'll see a lot of people sporting.

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