By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Pregnant Wife Has Been Nominated For Sainthood… For Putting Up With THIS Guy.

In our opinion, pregnant women should be held at the utmost esteem. They travel in gilded chariots accompanied by full-time foot rubbers, be fanned with palms, and served grapes and chocolate whenever they desire. Pregnant women are the world's toughest creatures, and should be shown nothing but respect. After all, when nine months is over, they've got a tough job to do.

This guy feels a little differently about pregnant women - in particular, his pregnant wife.

The creator of this video spent several months harassing his pregnant wife as she slowly climbed stairs, coped with her aching body, and tried to enjoy a snack in front of the TV. Though his irritating antics were clearly done in jest, we can't help but cheer for his wife when she gets a slap in at 2:13. Partners to pregnant women - don't try this at home.

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Source: Mike Wilson 3RUN