By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

What They Found Underneath All That Fur Made Me Tear Up… And It Saved His Life.

When Bailey came to a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, he didn't have much hope. Covered in mattes and fearing for his life, Bailey was given a week to find an adoptive family before he would be euthanized. The shelter volunteers wanted to spare Bailey of this tragic fate, and what they did next is nothing short of a miracle.

Bailey received a full-blown makeover at the shelter: He was washed, deloused, and all of the mattes were cut out of his fur. As he's being so lovingly cared for, you can almost see the relief wash over Bailey's eyes - and his happy little face at the end is enough to bring you to tears.

The best part of this happy ending? Bailey was adopted to his forever home merely three days after this video was shot. Equipped with a new look and a new family (and even a jaunty new scarf), Bailey has embarked on a whole new life!

Source: The Pet Collective