By Haris

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A High School Teacher Used A Recycling Bin And Paper To Teach A Powerful Lesson.

Of course it was harder for the students in the back to make the shot and they complained about the unfairness.

Everyone threw their ball and many (not all) students in the front made it, and only a few in the back made it, as expected.

The teacher said, “The closer you were to the recycling bin, the better your odds: this is privilege. Did you notice how the only ones who complained were in the back of the room?”

“But people in front of room were less likely to be aware of their privilege. They only saw 10 feet between them and their goal.”

The teacher told his class, “You are students receiving an education, and your job is to be aware of your privilege. Use this privilege called ‘education’ to try to achieve great things, but also to advocate for those who are behind you.”

This is indeed a great lesson to live by.

Source: buzzfeed

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