By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Chefs Share Their Top Tips For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving.

#11. Provide guests with a chance to be creative.

"I like to have a few bottles of white wine and champagne open along with several flavored liqueurs so people can create their own drinks."

—John Besh, August, New Orleans

#12. Cool it on the snobbery.

"Don't get sucked into ingredient ego. You don't need to source every last ingredient directly from the farm."

—Andrew Carmellini, The Dutch, New York City

#13. Add plant-based sides.

"My favorite side dish is Brussels sprouts. Fry them in oil, and instead of adding salt, add a little soy sauce and citrus. It's the best way to cut the grease."

—Gavin Kaysen, Cafe Boulud, New York City

#14. Prepare a few safety nets.

"Serve a couple of dishes that you know how to make just in case you mess up the turkey. That way, you will still have something good to eat."

—Jon Shook, Animal, Los Angeles

#15. Give turkey a run for its money.

"A crown roast of lamb is one of my favorite Thanksgiving feasts. The lamb is rich and decadent for a fall celebration."

—Kelly Liken, Restaurant Kelly Liken, Vail, CO

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