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When All The People Have Gone The Great Buildings Of Earth Will Look Like This.

Majestic Stairs

The grand staircase that once led to the principles office at this now disused university site in Europe.

Power Station Pipes

Detail shot of high pressure pipes designed to carry steam around a European power Station.

Radar Dome Exterior

The exterior of a radar dome at dusk.

Radar Dome Interior

The interior of a military radar tracking station lit up from outside by the warm glow of the sunset.

Retro TV

A retro TV set sits surrounded by the gradually worsening decay in an abandoned house in the UK.

Ruined Castle

A sprawling castle complex in Wales, left for many years for nature to reclaim.

Ruined Colonnade

A beautiful folly in the grounds of a once immaculate and grand country estate. After a fire gutted the house 70 years previously the entire estate was left to the elements and now resembles something more akin to the jungle bound temples in Angkor, Cambodia.

Spa Lobby

A stunning classical roman style ceiling in the entrance lobby of an abandoned health spa in Europe.

Subterranean Cistern

Deep beneath London are a series wonderful spaces of Victorian construction. This is the view within one of several large underground reservoirs beneath the capital.

Wind Tunnel 24' Fan

The vast 24' diameter fan prop blades at the Farnborough Royal Aircraft Establishment wind tunnel complex.

Wind Tunnel Interior

The photographer stands within the wind tunnel, in front of a set of four turning vanes that direct the air flow around a series of 90 degree turns on the way back to the testing platform and fan. Farnborough Royal Aircraft Establishment.

Matt's photography is simply stunning. Which photos do you like best? You can see more of Matt's photograph here.

Source: Forgotten Heritage Photography

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