Dallas Library Offers “Fairy Tale” Solution For Teens Who Can't Afford Prom Dresses.

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Most high schools host a prom every year and there’s one thing that has always remained a constant: everyone’s expectation. Students want their proms to be the most memorable event of their lives, especially when you’re a girl looking for the perfect prom dress. Unfortunately, going to the prom can be so expensive. Aside from spending tons of money on things like limos and corsages, there’s the oh-so-necessary prom dress, shoes and accessories. Fortunately, administrators at the Dallas Public Library in Texas understand this, so they started a program called Fairy Tale Closet to give teens dresses they couldn’t afford.

Most people visit the public library to check out books, movies, CDs and now, apparently, prom dresses. At the Dallas Public Library in Texas, administrators know that it’s not easy getting ready for the prom. The gowns are pretty expensive, but you also have to buy accessories and shoes which can cost thousands of dollars.

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They didn’t want any princess to feel like a Cinderella who couldn’t go to the ball, or in this case, prom. Like fairy godmothers, the admins started a program called Fairy Tale Closet in 2014. Since then, the library’s collection of new or barely used prom dresses has really grown thanks to donations from students, charitable organizations and corporations like Neiman Marcus.

Fairy Tale Closet

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The library admins felt that this program was necessary to help students out on such a big event. The program not only ensures that students have something to wear, but it also evens the playing field for those who want to go to one of the most important social events in a student’s life. Best of all, they don’t have to worry about not having enough money.

Necessary Program

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Youth Services Admin Melissa Dease wanted every girl to feel like she was a princess at the prom. Prom is a rite of passage, albeit an expensive one. But thanks to Dease’s efforts and the Fairy Tale Closet program, teens get to feel like royalty when they walk through the door regardless of their family’s financial status.

Feeling Like A Princess

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It’s hard to imagine, but every year, students flock to the library like it was Black Friday at Walmart. They spend most of the afternoon trying on dresses and prepping for prom in the spring. It’s such a big deal for students like Tamora Phinisee of Dallas. She never would have been able to afford a real dress if it hadn’t been for the library’s special program.

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Students are able to try on any dress they want at the library and they get to have it free of charge. The program gives today’s youth the opportunity to worry less about overly priced promwear so they can save cash. That way they can put the money they’ve earned through their part-time jobs towards other things like a new car or college tuition.

Free Of Charge

Some students are amazed by the selection of gorge dresses that are available for them to pick. Students undoubtedly come into the library expecting to find some second-hand dress that looks “okay,” but these teens should really set their expectations a little higher. The dresses are fabulous, available and best of all free!

Fabulous Dresses

This Dallas, Texas library has gone above and beyond the call of duty as well as everyone’s expectations. The library does offer gowns for teens who don’t come from a rich family. But the admins don’t just want to hand out free prom dresses. They want to give young women a boost of self-confidence on such a momentous occasion, and we think other libraries should take a page out of their book.

Boosting Self Confidence

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