By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ve Been Petting Animals All Wrong! This (Hilarious) Guide Will Put You Right.

If you've got a cat, you've been here before: You're idly sitting on the couch, stroking your cat's back. All is calm and well, and the cat might even be purring. Suddenly (and before you can react), the cat hisses, scratches you, and walks away. You're left feeling confused and betrayed, and you're not even sure why.

Well, the answer might be simple: Your petting hand slid just a little too close to the no-pet zone. All animals (even fictional ones) have them, and the infographics below give us some hilarious insight into what those no-pet zones actually are. Spoiler alert: Petting a bear is never going to work out in your favor. Ever.

This sounds about right.

Moral of the story: Stay towards the front.

Chinchilla ownership seems so easy.

Just no.

Bunnies can be fickle, but not as fickle as fish.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Because of course you can.

Everybody, and I mean everybody, likes a foot rub.

Piglets are easy, and you didn't want to pet a bug anyways.

Source: Adam Ellis