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17 Women Who Got Their Leap Year Proposal Right… #13 Wasn’t Messing About!

There is an Irish legend regarding leap year in which women are "allowed" to propose to their potential beloveds if they so desire. This is not to say that women should not and have not been initiating the proposal themselves for the last several years.

Although historically disputed, this tradition dates back to the 5th century when St. Brigid of Kildare asked St. Patrick to allow women to propose marriage as their counterparts had been too shy to do so themselves. Women often had to wait years for their suitors to pop the question. St. Patrick accepted her request and granted them permission every seven years but later changed it to every leap year, or every four years.

Other countries, including Finland and Scotland, have similar traditions while some folks in Greece avoid setting their date in a leap year because they believe it'll likely end in divorce.

Check out some of this year's leap year proposals below.

Even though women have been able to propose for many years now, some countries continue to honor the longstanding tradition of leap year proposals.

Can't believe I actually proposed to @scottmccreadieart last night & he said yes!! So excited! 😊❤🎉

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Women everywhere have planned some creative and heartfelt ways to pop the question.

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When this tradition first started, it was considered unconventional. Today, some people have criticized the holiday as overly traditional and anti-feminist because they believe that women should be able to propose any day of the year.

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Regardless of what you may believe, it really is up to the people involved.


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Just one of today's #LeapYearProposals #YouGoGirl #girlpower #hesaidyes #putaringonit

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VIDEO: This proposal must have been the ultimate surprise. Who would've ever seen that one coming?

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