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Their 8-Headed Seflie Was Absolutely Perfect, But Photoshoppers ‘Fixed’ It.

You really need to be careful posting a photo online nowadays. What you may think is a selfie showing off the fun you are having at an event, someone else sees it as an opportunity for the perfect Photoshop battle.

The latest war started when eight guys decided to take a selfie during a tennis match at Wimbledon in England. Instead of watching Jo-Wilfried Tsonga go against John Isner, the men lined their faces up perfectly in such a way that each one came out slightly more.

Their photo choreography was perfect enough to inspire users to see if they could make their version better than the original. We don’t know if the guys matching hairdos and perfect preppy polos and sweaters can really be improved but online users were more than willing to take challenge on.

This is the original photo. They fan out in perfect harmony, even their shirts seem to match. It was too tempting not to Photoshop, really.

Jimi Hendrix's 1971 album cover for Axis: Bold as Love got a makeover. The 2016 edition.

The many-faced god tells these men they have no name. They also have no business in Wimbledon when they should be in Braavos.

The Harry Potter cast. All the wizards in training seem so grown-up in comparison to Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

Newton's cradle selfie edition. These guys are going to have major headaches.

Oh no! Your Windows has crashed again and its multiplying selfies.

The guy behind you is tired of your interruptions. He is going to eat you now.

They are not sure how this happened but they are on an Allies plane about to free Europe from the Nazis.

They created the perfect fibonacci or golden spiral. We bet one of the guys is a mathematician.

They created the perfect fibonacci or golden spiral. We bet one of the guys is a mathematician.

Source: reddit

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