By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Guys Turned Their Old Shed Into Something Every Man Would Love.

When you think of a garden shed, one thing comes to mind: a place to cram absolutely every possible tool, machine and outdoor knick knack into a relatively small space. Some very creative and crafty men have taken these plain unassuming structures and given them a much happier purpose: pub sheds.

What’s a pub shed you ask? Well, instead of opening the small doors to pull a lawnmower or gardening tool, these geniuses are pulling a pint of Guinness or a shot of whisky instead. A compact but fully equipped pub with all the bells and whistles required to enjoy a wobbly pop is only a couple steps away from the house.

These pub sheds may be the new man caves of the future or at least a secret space where one can enjoy a drink away from the house without having to drive down to the neighborhood hot spot.

A beach retreat without the sand.

A beach retreat without the sand.


As authentic as it gets.

As authentic as it gets.


Backyard paradise

Retro pub

A really small traditional pub.

Pull up a stool.

Posh patio

Serving the neighbors

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