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By Huong Ngo

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The World’s Most Fashionable Rabbit Is Judging Your Scruffy Clothes.

If you haven't heard of Puipui, you've been missing out. He's the most stylish bunny in the world, wearing outfits made by his beloved owner Mumitan. Not only does Mumitan hand-make all of Puipui's clothes, she's also his personal photographer!

Residing in Tokyo, the bunny has become a hit on social media and slowly becoming Instagram's latest infamous pet. His costumes range from Sherlock Holmes inspired top coats to asian traditional clothing. The bunny has become so popular, that he has been used in promotion for Australia's first bunny cafe.

If you're not already following the adorable guy on Instagram, you most likely will be by the end of this post. I mean, look at him.

* ぺろ〜ん👅 * * #tongueout #tongueouttuesday

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* MIB?? No way, We're fashion models🎩😎 🐰Pui & 🐶@montjiro * *

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* soccer bunny⚽️🐰 得意技は、たれ耳トラップだぉ! * もふもふMF⚽️ * *

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* Happy Halloween😈🎃👻 オヤツは365日受けつけてるぉ🎃 * *

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