By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas, #9 Takes Lazy To A Whole New Level.

An essential part of Halloween decorating are the pumpkins. Trying to carve out the perfect squash though can be an overwhelming and messy task: the easiest design was the less than scary Jack-ó-Lantern. There are some very easy DIYs to give the giant fruit a new makeover.

Here are new ways to decorate your pumpkin this year. From a decorative duck tape to painting La Catrina, there are options for just about everyone. Carving with a drill may just start a trend among the handymen or women out there.

#1. Use a drill instead of carving tools for your pumpkin.

#2. Glue crayons on the pumpkin (sans wrappers) and use a hairdryer to melt them down to a colorful squash.

#3. Carve out the pumpkin and use small toys to create your own dioramas.

#4. Turn your squash into 'La Catrina' with acrylic paints.

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