Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 New Ways To Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins.

#6. Sunflower pumpkins are totally leaving Jack O' Lanterns in the wind this holiday season.

Scoop out the pulp and seeds, trace the template of a sunflower and carve out the leaves and petals. You can also add different color twine or carve farm animals to give it that country living feel.

#7. All your porch needs this year is a pair of starry night pumpkin pillars.

You can clear the guts outs of your pumpkins and then paint on a spooky dark tree. Make sure it's super creepy. Then drill a bunch of stars and cut out a crescent moon. Then, all you need is a light to give your pillars that ethereal look.

#8. When life throws you a curve pumpkin, turn it into a baseball for your home base.

Buy the most beautiful white pumpkin you can find and use a thin detail paintbrush to hand paint some lines to give it that rustic look. Just don't forget the curved line where and paint the red stitches to give it that baseball look any sports fan will love.

#9. Carve yourself some Scrabble tiles you can really get pumped about.

After you've cleaned your pumpkin out, you can carve up to three sides of your pumpkin based on your favorite or random Scrabble tile. Then used some LED candles to really light up your game this Halloween.

#10. Prove to your neighbors that your Jack O' Lantern has the biggest mouth in the hood.

Choose a large pumpkin to hollow and carve out. Just make sure that the eyes and nose are way up top and then carve out the big section, which will be its mouth. You can attach some black macrame strings to a metal ring, which will create a nice sling for Jack to sit on.

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