Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 New Ways To Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins.

#11. Go Trump this Halloween and tell your pumpkins that they're FIRED!

Carve some flames on a number of pumpkins and stack them up from small to large in your fireplace and add some LED light to give your home interior a warm and fiery look this Halloween.

#12. Give your pumpkin a creepy new aspect by using silhouettes to decorate them.

Trace your family on a piece of black construction paper and cut the profile out. Then glue the silhouette on white paper circles and frame it in black doilies. Then glue your masterpiece into a white pumpkin for a classic yet eerie new look.

#13. Things can get real chalky when you're decorating your pumpkins without carving.

Coat your pumpkin with chalkboard spray-paint. Yes, it's a thing. Then use a white chalk marker to add a spooky phrase or draw a spider and some webbing. It'll really squash all other Halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

#14. Let Mother Nature give your Jack O' Lantern a brand-new hairdo.

Clean and carve your pumpkin the way you would when making a Jack O' Lantern. But instead of a candle or an LED light, stick a plant base inside. Just make sure that the plant is large enough to give Jack a spiked up punk hairdo or hair as long as Rapunzel's.

#15. If you want a spooky new idea that'll make you go boo, then try making some ghost pumpkins.

Carve some zigzags on the top, as well as some eyes and a mouth. Then turn the pumpkin upside down and you've got ghosts that would even scare Casper.

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