By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Annoyed His Girlfriend With Puns On A Hike. So Awful… So Funny.

Remember the guy who spent the afternoon with his girlfriend, making puns at Ikea? Well, he seems to have inspired a copycat, but this pun-master has his sights set on the wilderness.

The entirety of this video can be summed up in one interaction between the guy filming and his girlfriend, Evie. "Are you loving the at-moss-phere?" he asks. Evie pauses before saying, "Moss?"

Yep, that's just one of the cringeworthy nature puns that this guy comes up with while on a nature hike in New Zealand. We've got to hand it to him: While these puns will definitely make you roll your eyes, they're also extraordinarily clever. And at the very least, you can see how much pun these two have together.

Source: Gary Pointon