By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

She Told Her Dog 'I Love You.' His Response Made Me Burst Out Laughing.

Some might say we hear what we want to hear when they listen to this pup lovingly groan a sweet "arrr rar rar." But I have a strong feeling that if he could speak English, we'd be hearing "I love you!" over and over again.

Recently, it's been discovered that dogs are biologically wired to love humans even more than their own species. They're also equipped with modes of communication very similar to humans. They use high and low notes to express emotions of love, happiness, joy, pain, and guilt. This combination is what makes them man's best friend. For example, have you ever squeezed the cheeks of a cute child and expressed your joy and delight with high pitched voice? That's similar to what you're hearing here.

I think part of what makes this puppy so adorable is that you can feel the deep love the puppy feels when he's saying "Ar rar rar!" He loves his mama so much!

Source: AFV Animals