By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Heard A Strange Noise Coming From The Trash, When They Looked Inside… WOAH.

In Tampa on Monday, police officers responded to a very important 911 call. What they found when they arrived was unlike anything they'd ever seen - but what they did next totally saved the day.

When the police arrived, they found a dog and her four tiny puppies. Three of them were huddled under a shed, while one of the puppies was actually put into a plastic bag and thrown into the garbage. The mom was trying to pull the bag to safety.

It's a disturbing story, but thanks to the actions of the police officers, the dogs were able to find hope again. Read more below.

This is how the officers found one of the puppies. The rest were huddled nearby.

One officer explained what she saw: "We don’t know if [the mother dog] was successful in getting the other three out of the can and under the shed, but she sure was trying to get that last one out. Either way, it looks like someone threw away at least one puppy and mom dog was in the garbage can trying to get that puppy out."

They immediately took the litter and mom to a shelter where they could be cared for.

Finally, the puppies were able to nurse and get some much needed rest.

They're too young to be adopted, but the shelter is taking good care of them while they grow.

Their story made local news, so odds are that they will be adopted to their forever homes quite quickly.

In the mean time, they have each other and the shelter volunteers to lean on.

And thanks to the officers who found them, they'll actually have a chance at a long and happy life.

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