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Here's Some Adorable Pics Of Puppies Because It's National Puppy Day!

It's March 23, 2018, which means it's National Puppy Day! Puppies! Come on! We're surprised that they haven't made this a legal holiday and given everyone the day off, because we could sure use it to go and have some fun cuddling and playing with our favorite puppies. They're so cute! And we don't really know how or why, but we can only assume that our DNA has been encoded to fall in love with those wet noses, tiny paws, and adorable faces. But there might be a few things that you didn't know about puppies, and these are scientifically proven. But because it's about puppies, you'll probably go "aww" as your heart melts for them.

#1. Researchers have learned that like human babies, puppies are huge fans of baby talk.

Researchers of the University of Lyon at Saint-Etienne did a study in January 2017, that determined that puppies react more to humans who talk baby talk to them, even if it's just a recording, whereas adult dogs didn't. So make sure to try some baby talk on your puppies and do it slowly with a higher pitch.

#2. Puppies can actually make you a more productive employee when you're at work.

In 2012, Japanese researchers discovered that employees paid more attention to their work whenever they had photos of puppies, but it didn't have the same effect if the photo showed dogs that were older. Puppies just seem to make positive emotions flow, which makes them more efficient.

#3. Like humans, some dogs can give birth to puppies who are actually identical twins.

It's so rare that Kurt de Cramer, a South African vet, may have been the first to encounter evidence that identical twins in puppies were actually possible in 2016. The vet had done a C-section on an Irish wolfhound and found two puppies in the same placenta. DNA tests confirmed the pups were identical.

#4. Puppies are born with some serious disadvantages that you probably didn't know about.

Aside from not having any teeth, they also can't see, hear, or smell. In fact, it takes a week or two before their senses start to blossom. It can take three weeks before they can smell, hence why they rely on their mommies to survive at this early stage of development.

#5. When it comes to sleeping patterns, human babies and puppies are pretty much on par.

Most human babies sleep 16 hours a day when they're newborn, and according to the American Kennel Cub, puppies sleep anywhere from 15 to 20 hours. And we can all admit that they look very cute while they snooze.

When it comes to sleeping patterns, human babies and puppies are pretty much on par.

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