By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Stylist Is So Good It’s Hard To Believe These Are The Same Women.

We've seen makeovers, but none quite like these. Makeovers usually consist of temporary fixes that wash off by the end of the night, but image-designer and artist Konstantin Bogomolov of Riga, Latvia, has found a way to make women look and feel like a queen even after the make up comes off.

Bogomolov owns a professional beauty school, where he uses psychology and enlists the help of his students to transform his subjects. His devotion in each case is apparent. The secret isn't to hide any flaws, but to make their personalities emerge more clearly. The women look and feel more confident, feminine, and self-aware in each of the "After" photos.

Take a look at 15 examples of his work below. Each of them are exquisite and prove that there really is no age limit for a queen.

Inna of Riga

Alma of Riga

Valentina of Irkutsk

Inna of Moscow

Valentina of Riga

Jurgita of Vilnius

Natalija of Riga

Natalija of Riga

Tatjana of Almata

Gulnar of Almata

Marija of Moscow

Margarita of Riga

Juzefa of Riga

Oksana of Minsk

Tatjana of Moscow

Source: deMilked