By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Funny Children’s Photos That Prove It’s The Quiet Ones You Gotta Watch.

Kids can be a lot of things. They're smart, they're inspiring, and they always have a clever thing to say. They can bring so much joy to your life and the lives of others, it almost makes up for the fact that their habits can be endlessly frustrating. No matter how much trouble they get themselves into, there's no denying that kids are hilarious, full of energy, and often, wise beyond their years.

But for all the things that kids are, there's one thing you should know: When they go quiet, they're almost always up to something -- and sometimes, it's something very mischievous.

These kids all went quiet on their parents at one point or another, and what happened next ranges between funny and cringeworthy. These photos are proof that you really can't take your eyes off them for a second. And if you do, you simply can't be surprised when they respond with some serious outrageousness. #17 will make you LOL.

#1. Look, the ball pit is fun, but the smart kids know that the fun has it's limits.

And when jumping around like a maniac loses its allure, it's time to start color-coding things like the young genius that you are.

#2. This is totally epic.

The thing is, this little guy did follow the directions -- however, he just assumed that the teacher forgot to use a preposition. Draw ON your friend's face is what she really meant.

This is totally epic.

#3. We've all been here.

And not figuratively, either: If you've ever come across a cannon, you probably had the urge to look inside and see what the hell was going on in there. This little girl just went ahead and did it.

#4. He just loves fashion.

Or organizing. Or color coding. Or making a retail worker's life a living hell. It's hard to know for sure what he's thinking, but we're into this scene.

He just loves fashion.

#5. Because when you're at the hospital, you deserve all the pizza.

Let's just hope that someone saw this kid's message from above and totally made their day.

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