By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Funny Children’s Photos That Prove It’s The Quiet Ones You Gotta Watch.

#6. This guy is an inspiration.

You might joke around about how lazy you are, but you're not REALLY lazy until you construct a Franken-straw that ensures you never have to actually lift your head up off the couch.

#7. With kids, things can go wrong in a flash.

Is it eggs? Is it vomit? Is it some combination of both? Whatever it is, you know that this is the result of a mom looking away for one single second, only to discover that her laptop would never be the same.

With kids, things can go wrong in a flash.

#8. This kid has style.

Just when you weren't looking, your kid served you some Khaleesi realness and your mind is totally blown.

#9. Why won't anyone let the man work?

Clearly, he wants to get some business done, but there are some serious obstacles in his way. If the baby wants to earn, let him earn.

#10. Honestly, this is just the upgrade the Dalmatian needed.

Monochrome is SO fall 2015: This is how you give a Dalmatian a colorful, on-trend upgrade. So fierce.

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