Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Cool Tech Gadgets You'll Want For Yourself For Christmas.

The Solar Bikini is a sunbather’s ultimate solution to charging their devices when they’re at the beach.

As you know, there aren’t a lot of places you can plug and charge your electronic devices in at the beach. Fortunately, this swimsuit comes equipped with a bunch of solar panels to keep your Smartphone, tablet, or iPad running.

eSight is the next technological step in helping blind people, or in this case, legally blind folks to see.

The glasses contain high-depth, high-speed cameras that relay the images it picks up directly to the wearer in real time. That way, the legally blind person can take a better look at the world on two OLED screens.

The Retro-Bit Mega Table is like the ultimate central nexus of technology and game consoles combined.

It looks like a huge Nintendo game controller and it connects to your laptop and most game consoles available these days. It also comes with a series of detachable legs, which make it so much easier to move to another room.

Ember mugs and thermos ensures that you never have to worry about your drink being too hot or cold.

Ember technology keeps your tea or coffee at the temperature you want, and it will keep it like that until you’ve finished every last drop. So, you’ll never have to worry about burnt lips, or cold drinks that are too gross ever again.

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