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The 21 Funniest Ways Anyone Ever Quit Their Awful Job… #15 Is Sick.

Anyone who has ever quit a frustrating, soul-sucking job knows how satisfying it can be to walk up to your boss and hand them a resignation letter - maybe you even decide to pilfer the stapler on the way out.

These people decided to take the resignation game to new heights. Unsatisfied with the idea of silly things like "taking the high road" or "maintaining some dignity," some of these folks just went all-in on their way out - we're applauding #15 for his noble efforts.

#1. On a live news broadcast.

During a live TV broadcast, anchor Charlo Greene left her job to focus on marijuana legalization. She famously ended her segment on the legalization of marijuana by saying "fuck it, I quit."

#2. Dancing through the office.

Tired of her employer's oppressive work hours, viral content creator Marina Shifrin quit her job by making a video of herself grooving around her office, capped off by a dramatic dance break and a direct message: "I quit!"

#3. With a great big marching band.

Nothing like a horn section to give yourself a dramatic sendoff.

#4. On Twitter.

Jonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, announced his resignation with a Twitter haiku.

#5. By finding the emergency exit.

Steven Slater quit his job as a flight attendant after swearing at a customer, grabbing a beer, and sliding down the emergency chute.

By finding the emergency exit.


#6. On a customized video game.

A programmer quit his job by creating a Mario flash game for his employers to play. With each score, the words "I QUIT!" flashed brilliantly on the screen.

#7. With a subtle performance art piece.

One day, Doug Walker walked into his workplace, blared “Also Sparch Zarathustra” on a tiny radio, climbed onto a desk, and ripped off his shirt, revealing that he had painted "I QUIT" on his chest.

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