By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘How To Quit Your Job In 5 Words’ Went Viral On Twitter… And It’s Hilarious

If you're sitting at a desk right now, a hot summer day in the middle of a Thursday afternoon, there are two little words that could be part of your wildest fantasies, words you wouldn't dare utter but are fun to think about nonetheless:

"I quit."

Let's face it: NO matter how much you like your job, the thought of quitting in a blaze of glory crosses everyone's mind every once in awhile, and now, there's a trending tag to prove it.

It's not just the two magic words, but five words that sum up some of the best, most reasonable explanations for quitting your job, and if you've ever dreamed of flipping over your desk and leaving it all behind you, you're going to LOL when you read these.

Anyone who says they wouldn't quit their job after this is a total liar.

Look, it doesn't matter what the pay is or how many benefits you get: If the wi-fi is busted, you're outta there.

Did you hear that? None of the days. NONE.

This is one way to really quit your job with a bang.

If you were going to quit your job, what would be your five-word story?

Source: Twitter

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