By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ve Probably Never Heard Of This Marsupial… But He Has Secretly Mastered The Art Of The Selfie.

Unlike the latest cartilage-only fad diet or Justin Bieber's views on waxing vs. shaving, if you don't know about the quokka yet, you need to find out.

The marsupial is native to Australia, and the quokka (whose name rhymes with mocha) is known for having a mouth that is affixed into a permanent grin, earning it the moniker of "happiest animal in the world."

Many quokkas live on the Australian island of Rottnest, which is also a popular tourist destination. The quokkas have gotten pretty used to the presence of humans, so much so that they will even pose for selfies when approached. Lately, more and more of these photos have been popping up on social media, and when you see them, you won't be able to help but smile. Don't try to outdo him though- your smile could never be as cute.

Best day on Rottnest Island ☀️#quokkaselfie #quokka #rottnestisland #perth @ellrouse1 #quokkselfie

A photo posted by jackglennane (@jackglennane) on

Slurp ! #quokkaselfie #rottnestisland #westernaustralia

A photo posted by vaimiticdc (@vaimiticdc) on

Q U O K K A S E L F I E 🌿 #QuokkaSelfie #Rottnest #Perth #WA #Australia #Love #Adorable #Gratitude #Positive #Thankful

A photo posted by F A S H I O N & S T Y L E (@kempsterk) on

Quokka kisses are the best kisses 😘 #quokkaselfie #quokkakisses

A photo posted by Dom A (@domarndt91) on

Beach selfy with a goofy quokka

A photo posted by Lisa G (@lisagav) on

#quokka liked my joke

A photo posted by Matt (@mattbisme123) on

He's better looking then me. #quokkaselfie

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Sorry for posting a lot at once🐻 #quokka

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Sources:, Cover photo by Katy Clemmans/Getty